to the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area

We do not accept insurance; we operate as a cash-based clinic.
However, you may still qualify for reimbursement through your insurance provider.


At Encore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, we set ourselves apart by offering convenient in-home physical therapy, one-on-one with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. We take pride in the services we offer and exceptional quality of care we provide.

As a privately owned physical therapy practice, we have the ability to give our clients the personal attention they deserve, answer any questions they may have, and provide a clear explanation of their specific condition or injury. When you call Encore, you will have the opportunity to speak directly to your physical therapist and maintain an open line of communication with them throughout the entirety of your rehabilitation process. Our practitioners are highly skilled in a variety of techniques. We are excited to treat the greater Salt Lake City region and look forward to getting you back to your pain-free life as soon as possible!

What Makes Us Different?

Encore Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, LLC

Physical Therapy

60 minutes spent 1-on-1 with your physical therapist; no assistants, aides or techs.

No travel time because we come to you.

Decisions regarding frequency, duration and type of treatment are made by you and your therapist.

Longer more efficient treatments less overall visits = less cost

outpatient pt

10-15 minutes spent with your physical therapist; all other time spent with support staff.

Valuable time lost fighting traffic traveling to the clinic.

Insurance companies limit/delay the number of visits and type of treatment you receive.

Shorter, less efficient treatments great # of visits required = higher cost

No doctor’s referral required.

Call our in-home physical therapists & get on the path to recovery!