Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

The stronger you are before surgery, the less ground you will have to make up following surgery. Often times, getting physical therapy, or “pre-hab” before going into surgery will lead to better outcomes following the procedure. Decreased swelling, improved muscle function, increased range-of-motion, and more flexibility can all result from pre-surgical care and will have positive effects on the post-surgical rehabilitative process.

Aside from these physical factors, our experienced therapists will help ease any concern or anxiety you may have prior to surgery. It is surprisingly common for patients to be unaware of what is actually being done in their surgical procedure, what to expect following surgery, and what it will take to return to the activities they love. Helping individuals stay informed about all aspects of their surgery and prospective rehabilitation are primary goals of Encore Physical Therapy.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Salt Lake City

With surgery often comes significant uncertainty. Let Encore Physical Therapy help ease those concerns and guide the rehabilitation process in a safe and effective manner. Due to high levels of pain, medication intake, and impaired mobility, it can be especially difficult to travel to an outpatient clinic directly following surgery. For this reason, our patients love the convenience offered through our mobile, in-home therapy! Whether it is a total joint replacement, meniscus, ACL, rotator cuff, lumbar/cervical fusion, labral repairs, or countless other surgeries, Encore Physical Therapy has the expertise to help you return to your optimal level of function.

Post-surgical healing rate and speed of recovery will vary depending on the individual and situation. A surgeon may have a specific protocol to follow, which will help guide the overall rehabilitation process, however, it is important to have a knowledgeable physical therapist to recognize which milestones need to be met before progressing to more advanced activities. Progressing safely and appropriately is essential for optimal recovery outcomes.

Many people seek physical therapy in hope of avoiding surgery, but sometimes surgery is the best option for a given injury or condition. In that case, our mobile in-home therapy can be crucial to your preparation for surgery or post-surgical rehabilitation.

We realize it can be difficult to reach your surgeon directly if you have any questions between post-operative appointments. Our therapists can answer many of your questions and will help serve as your advocate to maintain a clear line of communication between you and your doctor or surgeon.

Help your surgery have the best outcome possible with expert in-home physical therapy care from Encore Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

  • It has become all too common that when clients attend traditional therapy clinics, they only spend 10-15 minutes working directly with a licensed physical therapist. The majority of their time is spent with the support staff, such as assistants, aides, techs, or even worse, being left to exercise on their own.

    When Lien and Garrett Trumpy founded Encore Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, they wanted to change this previously accepted idea of what outpatient therapy should be. After working in various busy therapy clinics, they saw how little time therapists got to spend with their clients and how insurance often dictated the type or amount of therapy each client could receive. As re-imbursement rates from insurance companies continue to decline, therapists are forced to see more clients in less time, only exacerbating this problem. This is the reason they decided to start a unique and convenient physical therapy service that follows a concierge business model which maximizes the quality of care and time each individual receives during treatment. We believe that working 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical therapy for the entirety of your care will help yield the best results possible.

    We know life gets busy and injuries get pushed aside and are just “dealt” with. We’ve heard far too many times that an injury has been going on for months or even years before being addressed. Encore Physical Therapy looks to help eliminate the excuse of not having enough time to rehab your injuries or pain. We wanted to make it more convenient for an individual to get treatment by giving them the opportunity to be seen in the comfort of their own home.

    Our therapists love building a relationship with each client, as we invest ourselves into their rehabilitation and want to assist them in exceeding their goals.