Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Mobile Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Salt Lake City

Encore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation has successfully treated athletes from as young as grade school age to those in the latter decades of life. Our therapists have experience treating people in all corners of the greater Salt Lake City area, and are excited to bring that expertise into your home.

We have worked with all types of athletes from a variety of sports including football, dance, basketball, soccer, running, skiing, and many more. Whether you are a competitive high school or college athlete, weekend warrior, or recreational sportsman, we will help you return to your peak level of performance. While strength, speed, mobility, and balance are common characteristics needed by athletes of all kinds, aspects of your rehabilitation plan must be tailored to your specific sport.

Through our mobile in-home physical therapy, Encore Physical Therapy will work with you to provide the essential hands-on techniques and exercise progression required for your recovery.

ACL Injury Prevention & Physical Therapy

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear is one of the most devastating injuries an athlete can experience. It is often a non-contact injury that happens with twisting or pivoting on the affected knee, but can also occur from a forceful impact. Symptoms include a “pop” felt in the knee, immediate knee pain, swelling, instability or a feeling that the knee is “giving out,” and difficulty straightening the knee completely. Many factors such as age, extent of the injury, activity level, and potential for return to sport will shape the rehabilitation process following such an injury.

Whether or not surgery is indicated, physical therapy will be an important step in returning to full function.

However, what if you could help prevent an ACL injury from occurring in the first place? Why are certain populations at higher risk for an ACL tear than others? Research shown that female athletes are up to 8 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury compared to their male counterparts, with injuries occuring the most commonly in ages 14-20 years old, and the peak age being 16. While there is no way avoid an ACL or other ligamentous injury from occurring with 100% certainty, there are exercises which target and strengthen specific muscles that can help reduce the risk of this injury taking place.

Encore Physical Therapy offers ACL injury prevention workshops to middle school and high school female athletes. These workshops provide participants with the tools to significantly reduce the risk of a potential ACL injury. They will be educated on specific exercises to improve muscle strength, proprioception, and proper mechanics in jumping, landing and cutting.

Concussion Injuries

Concussions have become more common and widely diagnosed over the past decade. A popular misconception is that an individual has to lose consciousness in order to have experienced a concussion, but this is not the case. Symptoms include loss of coordination, disorientation, dizziness, short-term memory loss, and in more serious cases nausea/vomiting. In the days following a concussion, the person may have a sensitivity to light, feel more fatigued than usual, and have difficulty concentrating. Unfortunately, once someone suffers an initial concussion, subsequent concussions may occur more easily.

The Center for Disease Control estimates 1.6-3.8 million recreational and sports related concussions occur each year in the United States. There is no way to prevent a concussion from occurring while an athlete participates in contact sports, however, exercises can be performed to potentially reduce the risk of suffering a concussion. Neck muscular strength plays a large role in concussion prevention. It is suggested that weak neck strength may predispose an athlete to an increased risk of concussion, as increased strength of neck musculature and surrounding muscle groups can help to dissipate the force during a head collision and rapid head rotations, which tends to be the source of many concussions.

  • It has become all too common that when clients attend traditional therapy clinics, they only spend 10-15 minutes working directly with a licensed physical therapist. The majority of their time is spent with the support staff, such as assistants, aides, techs, or even worse, being left to exercise on their own.

    When Lien and Garrett Trumpy founded Encore Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, they wanted to change this previously accepted idea of what outpatient therapy should be. After working in various busy therapy clinics, they saw how little time therapists got to spend with their clients and how insurance often dictated the type or amount of therapy each client could receive. As re-imbursement rates from insurance companies continue to decline, therapists are forced to see more clients in less time, only exacerbating this problem. This is the reason they decided to start a unique and convenient physical therapy service that follows a concierge business model which maximizes the quality of care and time each individual receives during treatment. We believe that working 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical therapy for the entirety of your care will help yield the best results possible.

    We know life gets busy and injuries get pushed aside and are just “dealt” with. We’ve heard far too many times that an injury has been going on for months or even years before being addressed. Encore Physical Therapy looks to help eliminate the excuse of not having enough time to rehab your injuries or pain. We wanted to make it more convenient for an individual to get treatment by giving them the opportunity to be seen in the comfort of their own home.

    Our therapists love building a relationship with each client, as we invest ourselves into their rehabilitation and want to assist them in exceeding their goals.